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Bangladesh Heritage

Your Submissions

Submissions for our Community Magazine

The Bangladesh Heritage and Ethnic Society of Alberta (BHESA) is seeking article submissions for its community magazine Edmonton Bichitra. If you have ideas for an article please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. first, before you write and submit the full article. This way we can avoid duplicate submissions to similar topics, or can provide hints and share some inspiration.

The next issue will be out in the middle of October 2023.
Your final article must reach to us by Friday, September 25, 2023.


11938 54 St. NW · Edmonton, AB · T5W 3M9 Canada
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

BHESA is seeking articles about

· People in our community
· Cultural issues in our community
· Introductions of current Bangladeshi art / artists
· Issues regarding our next generation
· Life in Canada
· Stories from Bangladesh
· Creating a better community
· Any topics you deem important for our community

Article Guidelines

Writing the article

We suggest a submission length anywhere from 200 to 700 words. We invite submissions ranging from short essays to broadly-developed articles, and also invite suggestions of recommended resources. We're seeking articles written in a popular-magazine style, reader-friendly, rather than in a speculative style. We ask contributors to share stories and experiences, not just ideas; write about challenges, not just successes; and describe specific situations that will help your story come alive for the reader at large. Before you start writing, please check the following guidelines and let us know your article idea so that we can give some feedback on how it may fit into our objective or editorial policies. If you don't want to write an article but want to submit photos, please follow our photo guidelines stated below.

Submitting an Article

We promise to read your submission, but we may respectfully decline your article and not publish it, or save it and publish it in a future issue. We also reserve the right to edit, shorten, or rewrite your article. If possible, we strive to contact you as the author about any changes ahead of time, to get your comments and corrections.

Getting Permission Ahead of Time

Please send the article only once you have permission from anyone needed. BHESA endeavors to present a diversity of views on community, including contentious or critical views, yet we hope to do so in a respectful and cooperative manner. If your article may generate a strong reaction, or if members of the community would want the chance to review it first, please share your draft with these members to get their input before sending your article to us.

Publication Rights

Once your article appears in the magazine Edmonton Bichitra we own the publishing rights to your work. This means that your article must not have been published previously in Canada, and that we reserve the right to make use of your article on our website, or in any future accumulations.

You retain all other rights to the article. If you would like to use it elsewhere, you can, and we would highly appreciate your use of an attribution line saying:

"This article first appeared in Edmonton Bichitra of BHESA, (date/year); for further information on Edmonton Bichitra please visit"


When BHESA is publishing your article, we want to accompany it with fascinating images that exemplify your subject. You know your subject best, so we are appealing to you for images. If others in your community or group like to take pictures, they might already have that great image to go with your article. If you would like to submit an article but cannot supply any photos, that's fine; however, please give us advance notice so that we can plan the layout accordingly. BHESA also appreciates an author photo to accompany your short (several-line) bio.


BHESA Newsletter

To receive current news and information about our organization and activities please subscribe to our newsletter.


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