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Bangladesh Heritage

BHESA's News Blog

Our blog contains news from BHESA and the Bengali community here in Edmonton, Alberta.

Alberta's historic recognition of the Bengali New Year & Cheerful celebrations in North America


The Alberta New Democrat Caucus of the parliament, in collaboration with the Provincial Assembly, a historic statement was made in recognition of the Bengali New Year by Ms. Dennis Wollard, MLA. It was welcomed by a huge applause of the respected legislators.

Honorable Speaker of the House Robert E. Warner expressed his deep interest to the Bengali New Year. Mr. Mason MLA and other MLAs have introduced the guests who represent different Bangladeshi and Bengali speaking organizations in honour of Bengali New Year, which occurs on April 14 every year. Representing the Bangladesh PressClub Centre of Alberta, Delwar Jahid, the president, and Asheque Chowdury, a visiting journalist. Representing the Bangladesh Heritage and Ethnic Society of Alberta, Mohammad Bhuiyan, the president, and Ruhul Amin, the general secretary. Representing the Mahinur Jahid Memorial Foundation sports club and Bangladesh Heritage Museum, Ashan Ullah, the president; Anamur Rahman, the vice-president; and Miea Mohammad, member of the executive. Representing Asian News and Views publishing, Syfur Hasan, the editor, and Zulfiquer Ahmed, the assistant editor.

Mr. Sabir MLA has introduced three groups in his introductions to the parliament. Along with his colleagues welcomed the leaders from Alberta?s Bengali community to Edmonton to celebrate Bengali New Year in introducing to all members of this House representatives from three Bengali-Albertan organizations. First, from the Alberta Bengal society Mr. Halder, who?s vice-president; Mr. Chanda, secretary; and Mr. Chowdhury, also secretary, second, from Amra Sabai of Calgary, a nonprofit cultural organization focused on hosting cultural events and social activities which provide exposure to Bengali heritage and tradition, Mr. Datta, the president, Third, from the Southern Alberta Heritage Language Association, an organization that represents a community language school teaching over 40 languages, welcomed Mr. Vinay Dey, who?s president of that and also added that Vinay Dey ran for the NDP in Calgary for six times before Mr. Sabir ran in 2015, he thanked him for his dedication, and contributions.

The noted representatives raised and received the tradition welcome in the Alberta Assembly. That was a historic moment for Bangladesh. The Guest Gallery of Alberta and the parliament session was full to the brim.

The Bangladesh PressClub Center of the Alberta called the New Democrat Caucus to take the initiatives to recognize the Bengali New Year in Alberta. Before the session, Minister of Community and Social Services Mr. Irfan Sabir hold a luncheon meeting in honor of the Bengali leaders.

Minister Sabir in his opening speech said that Canada is a land of many cultures through the recognition of the Bengali New Year it will open a new horizon. Today is a historic day which will be remembered.

After the opening speech of the minister in this important historical and cultural event abroad, the recognition of the Bengali New Year is the first substantial discussion on the efforts of the PressClub Center of Bangladesh president Delwar Jahid.

Bengali New Year, while the statement made to the parliament of Alberta were earlier introduced by Delwar Jahid. In his speech he said, it?s the opportunity to raise the names of seniors behind the past and their contributions to immigrants with deepest respect and gratitude, he recalls Mr. Siddique Hossain, Mrs. Shahnaz Hussain, Professor MA Mannan (former Dhaka University Vice-Chancellor), Dr. NC Das, Mr. Nehal Uddin, and Dr. Ali, through the Bangladesh Canada Association of Edmonton, Bangladesh Heritage and Ethnic Society of Alberta, Bangladesh Students? Association of the University of Alberta, MJMF Bangladesh Sports Club, Bangladesh Association of Calgary, and Bangladesh Association of Fort-McMary, their past and present executives and the general members for their contribution.

Jahid called the development of bilateral relations between Alberta, and emphasizes on the business growth saying Bangladesh represents Asia as a role model of development, he urged more cooperation with Bangladesh. Mashod Bhuiyan call for the united effort to make stronger community.

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