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Bangladesh Heritage

BHESA's News Blog

Our blog contains news from BHESA and the Bengali community here in Edmonton, Alberta.

Celebration of Pohela Boishakh (Bengali New Year)

Coming April 25, 2015 the Bangladesh Heritage and Ethnic Society of Alberta (BHESA) will celebrate the Bengali New Year 1422 (Pohela Baishak). We are already in preparation for this great event, which will include an evening gala and various programs to celebrate our Bengali culture and heritage. We ask the people in our community to participate and support our event preparation.

BHESA's Pohela Boishakh Celebration in 2014

BHESA's Pohela Boishakh Celebration in 2014

BHESA is going to celebrate the Pohela Boishak (Bangla Nobo Borsho ? 1422) with a magnificient program comprising a celebration in traditional manner as it is celebrated back "home" in Bangladesh.

The event will contain the following highlights:
? Baishaki Mela, with Pantha Ilish, Chotpoti Fuska,
  Veriery of Pitha, Sharee/Gohona Table, Helium Balloon,
  Musk, Toys, Table for Kids, etc...
? A superb cultural program with songs, dance, a poem recitation,
  and much more
? Music, Baul and folk songs


Current Program Details

? Celebration of "Bangla Nobo Borsho" / "Bengali New Year"
? Program title: "Baishaki Shandha"
? Program includes Registration, Boishaki Mela, Speech,
  Cultural Show
? Date & Day: Saturday, April 25, 2015
? Registration starts at 4:00 pm
? Venue: Pleasant View Community League
? Location: 10860 57 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB, T6H 0Y8 Canada
? Dinner Menu: Mela booth will offer you a variety of food plates
  for only $5.00 per plate

Food Plate Item List:
? $5.00 (Pnatha/Ilish - Plate with Shutkee Bhorta, Onion Fry)
? $5.00 (Rice, Chicken - Plate with Dal & Salad)
? $5.00 (Chotpoti/Fushka - Plate)
? $5.00 (Pitha/Payesh - Plate)

Please note, the program is still in preparation. Therefore some of the details might still change.

BHESA's Pohela Boishakh Celebration in 2014

BHESA's Pohela Boishakh Celebration in 2014

*** We will be collecting the membership fees at the program. Please be advised that anyone who will pay his or her 2015 membership (Single/Family) at the event day will receive one $5.00 food ticket for free. We cordially request to all of our community members to pay their 2015 membership fee as your payment helps your organization to execute all programs throughout the year and helps your organization to prosper. Thanks to those members who have already paid their 2015 Membership, please collect your one $5.00 free food ticket at the registration table.

BHESA's annual membership fees are as follows:
? Family: $15.00
? Single: $10.00

A member of the executive committee will contact you soon to confirm your attendance in the program. Please disclose your attendance as this information will help us to properly plan the upcoming event.

We are excited to see you in the program together with your friends and family. Your active participation will enchant the mode of the program. Please come early to enjoy the Baishaki-Mela that we have laid out to revive your memory.


Delwar Jahid
President, BHESA

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