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Bangladesh Heritage

BHESA's News Blog

Our blog contains news from BHESA and the Bengali community here in Edmonton, Alberta.

Wrap-up BHESA's Celebration of International Mother Language Day

The Day is celebrated every year to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism in the world. Worldwide annual observance day is International Mother Language Day that held on 21 February to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and to promote multilingualism. First announced by UNESCO on 17 November 1999;

The Bangladesh Heritage and Ethnic Society of Alberta (BHESA) once a year is recognizing the achievements of people and organizations who stand out to be a great help or asset for the local community by awarding a medal of honor for their contributions. The award may be given out multiple times and considered is the work in the different fields education,
social work, and community services here in Alberta, Canada.


The BHESA awards are open to all Albertans, and the candidates are selected through an executive meeting held at BHESA. Considered are the activities and contributions of the candidates over a time period of the entire year. The names of the current nominees will be officially announced annually prior to International Mother Language Day on February 21st, and the awards will be handed out during the next public program at BHESA.


The recipients of the Award in 2014 were:

· Mr. R. Mohammad Siddique Hossain (Language Movement
· Prof. Dr. Mohd. Nurul Islam (Founder of Edmonton Bangla School)
· Dr. M. Hafizur Rahman (Former President of BCAE)
· Mr. Tajul Ali (Former President of BHESA)
· Mr. Shahid Hassan (Founder of BHESA)
· Mr. Mohammad Ismail (Former Vice-President of BHESA)

2015' nominated recipients were:
· Mr. Kausar Khondokar (MacEwan University)
· Mr. Ali Noor-e-Alam (Bangla Bazar)
· Mr. Mohd. Zakaria (Former Executive of BHESA)
· Dr. Moshfiqur Rahman (Former Executive of BHESA)

2016' nominated recipients were:
· Mr. Delwar Jahid (Human Rights Activist)
· Ms. Morsheda Begum (Cultural Activist)
· Ms. Salma Jahan (Director of the Edmonton Bangla School)

2017' nominated recipients were:
· Dr. Syed Amir Ali (Social Activist)
· Ms. Hazara Akter (Daycare Manager)
· Mr. Moh. Ashif (Student)
· Mahinur Jahid Memorial Foundation aka MJMF (Organization)
represented by Mr. Ahsan Ullah

2018' nominated recipients were:
· Mr. Bikash Talukder (Musician and Founding Member of BHESA)
· Mr. Mozibur Rahman (Entrepreneur)
· Mr. Arif Khan (Advocate at the Bangladesh High Court)
· Ms. Shirin Sultana (Volunteer and Community Worker)
· Ms. Natasha Rahman (Singer)
· Ms. Chamili Laskar, Pinky (Singer)













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